VR for HR
• Mental wellbeing in the workplace

• Monitoring the emotional state of employees
the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe, and 33rd in the world with over 325 000 members of staff
International food ordering and loyalty card app solution
Luxury care home in Moscow, Russia
Sberbank employee
Thank you for the 5-minute African trips! It’s a great idea for a fun and healthy break during office hours instead of having coffee or a cigarette.
LoyaltyPlant employee
I loved the nature and the animals. And the interactive part of the app really helps to distract and recharge!
Malakhovka employee
One of the employees (my assistant) came in well-rested, and started sharing that she’d been watching animals. Frankly, I only remembered the one thing that mattered to me: "My blood pressure went down." I was skeptical about it, but then several more people came and also claimed that their blood pressure had gone down. My life is very hectic, so my blood pressure jumps all over the place. That same day, I had high blood pressure all because of stress at work. Naturally, I decided to test this pressure-lowering effect on myself, and to my amazement, it worked! We checked my blood pressure before and after, and the effect was obvious — I could even feel it. Of course, you can’t help but see the effect of stress relief and mood improvement, not only with me but everyone.
How Virry Life works
Focused breaks and a unique technique to measure their influence on your employees
Virry CRM  monitors and visualises employees' emotional wellbeing
As a result, employees develop soft skills and improve productivity and your HR gains new insights
for employees
  • The system detects the employee's choice of the VR experience during the mindful break
  • The system suggests testing every 2 weeks
  • The system recommends how to improve the employee's emotional state
for HR managers
  • Monthly reports of the employees' emotional state
  • Real-time summary statistics of the company's staff
  • The ability to detect and immediately react to the negative state of any employee
What is Virry VR
A new conceptual way of interacting with wild animals and nature. Within seconds you are interacting closely — as close as you can imagine — with black and white rhinos, lions and African elephants. Touch them, feed them, feel them. And get to know them.
15 interactive experiences with animals
Relaxing landscape experiences
Live broadcasting from the LEWA Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya
2 products + Virry VR: Happy in nature
Virry Life is ideal for
Stressful industries
Geriatric Centres

We've already done researches in several companies and are happy to share the results.
379 employees participated voluntarily in the experiment. Most of them discussed their experience with friends/family and colleagues, which indicates real emotional engagement and impression. Most participants felt a positive influence on their mood and productivity from a 5-minute break in the African savannah. Furthermore, the results show a significant reduction in theis Beck Depression Inventory score.
More than half of the 90 employees at the IT company noticed that they felt less stressed, aggressive and more concentrated after Virry VR experiences. They also noticed higher productivity and an increase in problem solving skills.
97% of employee research participants had been working at the centre for less than a year. The research showed that Virry VR helped them decrease their emotional exhaustion index and increase their overall life satisfaction rating, thus preventing employee untimely burnout and first year stress. Employees also showed decreasing dynamics of aggression (3 points) and significant dynamics in mood improvement (8 points)
Senior care centre Malakhovka
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